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Why Businesses Need Freelance Writers — Not Employees Who Also Write

By Stacey J. Haseleu

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Recently I went to a networking event.  I was speaking with an attorney that works for the government.  Long story short,  I found out that a lot of Social Security claims that get denied are done so after a lawyer reviews the medical documentation and decides if that individual is capable of gainful employment or not.

I worked in the disability management field for 8 years and NEVER knew this information.  My good friend, who is a practicing nurse and legal nurse consultant, was also a participant in the conversation.

After the networking event we sat at the stools of our local Applebee’s having drinks and expressing our utter shock and disapproval of this procedure.  How are attorney’s qualified to decide if an individual is medically impaired?  How is it even fair to the attorneys to make them read medical documentation and render an opinion without proper knowledge and education in the medical field?  Isn’t their time better served focusing on the legal aspects of their positions?

What a waste of legal resources, money, time, and, not to mention, how unfair for those people that are being denied based on medical information that’s not even reviewed by a medical professional.

The more I thought about this situation, the more I realized how much it parallels what most businesses do (or try to do) in today’s corporate world with writing and communication tasks.  They assign workers with no training or experience in writing to do a writer’s job.

For example, in my previous job as a Benefits Administrator, I was hired to manage leaves of absences (short-term disabiliy claims, FMLA, military, child birth leaves etc) for the company.  My major responsibilities included counseling managers, employees, and HR Business Partners on corporate policy.  I communicated claim determinations to employees and managed our disability vendors who reviewed the medical records.  My everyday job functions did include some writing and communication, but not original content creation.

During my employment, I was asked to lead a team in re-writing all of the department’s employee correspondence letters.  While I was excited at the prospect of dabbling in writing (what I longed to do professionally anyways), I found it very difficult to juggle my daily responsibilities while focusing on creating the best written product possible.

The company put together a team comprised of myself, my manager, and a (very pricy) consulting firm who didn’t specialize in writing, just document creation.

Soon I found myself in 2-3 meetings per week.  Each meeting lasted between 2-3 hours.  Something had to give — either I needed to stay extended hours to complete my other work, or the quality of my daily tasks was going to suffer.  I ended up staying overtime (without pay) in order to complete my daily tasks.  But the quality of my everyday tasks still suffered.  And the letters weren’t my best specimens of writing either.

Looking at this scenario, what the company ultimately ended up with was an over-worked employee providing mediocre customer service and performing her daily tasks at a lower level than normal.  The letters they got at the end of the project were usable, but not up to the standards they could have been.  And the project took over 10 weeks to complete.  Not to mention the hefty bill from the “consultants” they hired who, between you and me, only really slowed the process down.

Wouldn’t it have been much more cost-effective to hire a freelance writer to create the employee correspondence letters?  In doing so, I could have kept up the superb quality of work in my everyday functions.  The company wouldn’t have needed to hire a “consulting” company, and the final product would be polished, professional letters.

You see it all the time; businesses trying to “cut back” on expenses by tasking out multiple jobs to individual employees to “save” money.  What they don’t realize is that, in fact, they are costing the company more money than if they were to hire a professional contractor/freelancer to do that specific project.

This is especially true in the field of writing.

Instead of paying overtime wages to a benefitted employee they could just pay a flat fee to a writer.  Not to mention the consultant company wouldn’t be needed (major savings for the company). The writer would be able to focus squarely on the writing project at hand; thus, the employer would end up with a quality product in a shorter period of time, for less money.

You wouldn’t go to a bank if you broke your leg and needed a cast, why would you task out writing to anyone besides a professional writer?


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From Clients and Colleagues…

Tiffany“Stacey is the ultimate professional writer. She formatted my legal report in a way that really stood out to my attorney client and has ultimately helped me grow my business. I can’t imagine turning in a written product that hasn’t gone through Stacey for review. She is my secret weapon for standing out to my clients. Can’t recommend her highly enough!”

~Tiffany T., RN, BSN, LNC
Tomkowitz Consulting/Jefferson Regional Medical Center Careworks


“I haNikki Bellavanceve had the pleasure hiring Stacey for her professional writing services on many occasions. I hired Stacey to edit a literature review for organizational communication and the integration of technology in the workplace, for which I received outstanding reviews. I have also hired her to edit my graduate school essay which led to my admission for graduate study. I have also worked with Stacey on many creative writing projects. She brings a level of professionalism and passion to her work that exceeds any expectations set forth. I highly recommend Stacey for any and all of your writing needs.

~ Nicole B., Patient Placement Specialist/Student
Jefferson Regional Medical Center

Olivia“Stacey is an excellent writer!  Over the 6 years we worked together Stacey helped me personally draft countless emails, letters, and all manner of other communications to employees, managers, and HR colleagues.  She was also the department go to person for writing advice, editing, and letter drafting.  She made me a better writer by example and provided much needed writing support!”

~ Olivia N., HR Specialist

“Working with Stacey has been an educational experience for me and has brought my writing to a whole new level.  I have used her services for formatting and editing and never realized how good my writing could look.  Stacey has a comprehensive understanding of multiple projects with divergent needs.  I highly recommend her no matter what your needs are or own writing experience is.  If you know what you want to say, Stacey can help you write it.”

~ Stephanie K., BSN, RN, CMSRN, LNC
TSL Consulting


Kristin testimonialI hired Stacey to fix up my resume and give it a new look. I couldn’t believe how fast and efficient she was at fixing it and getting it back to me. When I first opened the document, I couldn’t believe my eyes! She transformed my resume in such a way that I was immediately confident enough to finally send it to employers. It is so eye-catching and unique and it really makes me shine. I have never been so excited to apply for jobs as I am now. I now stand out from others, and hopefully will get a new job soon! I highly recommend Stacey to fix a document such as this because of her creativity, unique abilities, and promptness at getting things done perfectly!”

~ Kristin B., Teacher/Reading Specialist
Propel Charter School

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From Presentation Attendees…


April 10, 2013 AALNC Pittsburgh Chapter Presentation

  • Rated  “Above Average” by 100% of presentation attendees.
  • Rated  “Excellent” by 87% of those attendees.
  • Did not receive a single rating below “above average.”

Comments from attendees:

“Stacey was informative and gave great advice on how to improve my report writing and how to make my report more interesting for my client.”


“Stacey was a very good speaker, who offered new information.  She spoke clearly and asked if we had questions throughout her presentation.  Her presentation was clear and concise.”


“The presentation powerpoint and graphics were great.  The information was so relevant and I really enjoyed learning these new techniques that are relevant to my field of work.”

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Business Proposal

The below link will take you to an extensive analysis for multiple corporate philanthropy programs. Based on the research conducted, a business proposal was created to suggest the most effective philanthropic model for MegaTech.

Business Proposal — MegaTech

Below is the accompanying PowerPoint presentation for MegaTech’s executives.

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