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Magazine Articles

Light Therapy

Light Up Your Life












Fibro Pic




Living in Pain-A Closer Look at Fibromyalgia















Cigarette Smoking Trends in the US




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Press/News Releases

Below are samples of Press Releases written during my internship at Washington & Jefferson College’s Office of External Relations in the Spring of 2004.

Press Release – Holocaust Art Exhibition

Press Release – Easter Egg Hunt

Press Release – Street Fair

Press Release – Lily Cai Dance Company

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Business Proposal

The below link will take you to an extensive analysis for multiple corporate philanthropy programs. Based on the research conducted, a business proposal was created to suggest the most effective philanthropic model for MegaTech.

Business Proposal — MegaTech

Below is the accompanying PowerPoint presentation for MegaTech’s executives.

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Technical Writing Samples….

Image courtesy of www.eriksmith.com

Image courtesy of http://www.eriksmith.com


The Johnstown Flood: Understanding Why the South Fork Dam Failed








Comcast Annual Report Image


Comcast Annual Report Analysis






US Deaths from Cigarettes


  Cigarette Smoking Trends in US










  How to Brush Your Teeth

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