An Overview on Resume Writing

Resume Writing Tips

Click here for a short video overview on writing a decent resume.

This is the first in a new series focused on resume writing. In this installment, I discuss the entire resume and breifly touch on each of its parts and why improving your resume is detrimental to your professional career.

Going forward, I will be issuing follow-up videos talking about the specific sections I mention in this video and how you can make each of these sections stand out in your resume.

Please keep in mind, if you need any assistance with creating or spicing up your resume, Rhetorically Urs offers reasonable resume packages in which I analyze and re-write your resume from start to finish.

Contact me for a free quote today!!

Rhetorically Urs,

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3 thoughts on “An Overview on Resume Writing

  1. An impressive undertaking to do the video and the PPT on the side! Lots of good info. Thanks for posting.

    • Thanks Chanda! I think people learn better through verbal and visual cues combined. I’m not a technology guru, but I’m learning some basics. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be posting more in depth about each section so stay tuned!

      Rhetorically Urs,

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