Online Scrolling About to Change?


According to PandoDaily’s article, we are looking at the possibility of user-interface as we know it (ie the monotonous scrolling of a mouse to read through online text) indelibly changing forever.

What does this mean for writers?

Many things. It means that the responsibility of how we organize our information changes. Not to say we are no longer responsible for organizing our information in a way that is clearly discernible by our audience, but just that the methods and way that we organize our information will change.

Right now, professional writers creating content for online publication design it (or should design it) keeping in mind that the audience will be scrolling up and down a web page reading the material. This affects:

  • Layout of paragraphs
  • Insertions of bullet points and headings
  • Font and type-face
  • Image designs

If a new scrolling method is introduced it can create a more user-centered overall design, but it will also demand a reconsideration on the part of writers to evaluate how we write to accommodate this new format.

The new scrolling method allows the user to use the mouse to scroll with their finger, like now, but instead of moving the entire screen, it replaces each read line with a new line from the next page.  Essentially, this allows the text to stay in place allowing the reader to not lose track of where he/she left off.

You can try the new scrolling method by visiting this site.

Any thoughts on the effects this may have on you as a writer?

Rhetorically Urs,

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