Hello and welcome to Rhetorically Urs!  My name is Stacey Haseleu. I’m an ambitious writer, loving daughter, stubborn little sister, and playful aunt.

For more about me, and how Rhetorically Urs evolved, visit my “About Me” page (clever title, don’t you think?).  A more formal review of my professional qualifications can be viewed on my “Resume” page (I know, my titles are genius!).

If you’re stumbling upon this page it’s probably because I’ve convinced you to do so, or you need a writer.  Or maybe you think you don’t fall into either of those categories, and are looking to be convinced otherwise, to which I would say, “I can assure you, exceptional writing is imperative in every realm of the business world.”

Rhetorically Urs Professional Writing Services focuses on assisting individuals and companies of all sizes become more profitable through the creation of clear, concise, and effective sales and marketing messages in the form of brochures, ads, newsletters, direct mail campaigns, press releases, or any other information-delivery method.

By creating smart and strategic copywriting, I assist my clients in enhancing their public and internal image while increasing their bottom-line profits.

Through comprehensive, repeated marketing campaigns, Rhetorically Urs clients are able to create and maintain a powerful presence in their respective marketplace.

I can assist businesses create user-friendly documents, individuals establish a competitive resume, curriculum vitae, and cover letter, and organizations recognize the importance of communication and writing skills in every facet of the business world.

I’m an exceptional writer with a little experience in everything from short stories, to articles, to brochures here and there, to press releases, medical reports, and a bunch of other really nifty stuff.

While the portfolio contained in these pages is extensive, it is by no means all-inclusive, so if there is a project you need accomplished, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss it further!

Examples of some of the writing services I provide are:

–  Medical/Scientific reports and documents
–  Technical documents
–  Speeches
–  Feature articles (newspapers/magazines)
–  Press releases
–  Business letters
–  Internal communications
–  Newsletters
–  Resumes, CVs, and Cover letters
–  Brochures/White Pages/Direct Mailers
–  Presentations
–  Blog posts

In addition to my writing skills, I provide proofreading and editing services ranging from basic content edits to substantive/developmental editing services.

I am also proficient in the use of social media, web development and design, visual and interface design, and the use of media in presentations.

I book speaking engagements, presentations, and workshops where I can discuss and teach the importance of communication and writing skills and how these skills are applicable to my audience’s specific business.

Let me help you make the “write” impression.

Contact me today!

Rhetorically Urs,


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