Rhetorically Urs Professional Writing Services focuses on assisting individuals and companies of all sizes become more profitable through the creation of clear, concise, and effective writing, communication, and professional branding.

Stacey Haseleu, MPW (the owner) is an experienced, dependable, and talented professional with:
– 13 Years Medical Experience
– 13 Years Writing/Editing Experience
– 8 Years Human Resource Experience
– 3+ Years Research Experience

Currently a full-time Solutions Design Analyst at ERT and the Owner/Founder of her own Freelance Writing/Editing/Consulting company, she is now accepting new projects.

Areas of Specialty:
– Medical Writing
– Consulting/Editing for Legal Nurse Consultants
– Resume/CV and Cover Letter creation and consulting
– Professional Brand Creation
– Proofreading and Editing

Also Proficient in:
– Public speaking/Presentations/Writing Workshops
– Academic, marketing, and informational writing
– Slogan Writing/Development
– “Elevator Speech”​ creation
– Writing Styles (MLA, APA, AP, Chicago)
– Employee Benefit Writing (Including FMLA, Disability, ADA, and state-specific statutory laws).

For more about Stacey and how Rhetorically Urs evolved, visit the “About Stacey” page (clever title, don’t you think?).

Rhetorically Urs can assist businesses create user-friendly documents, individuals establish a competitive resume, curriculum vitae, and cover letter, and organizations recognize the importance of communication and writing skills in every facet of the business world.

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